Items The Homeowner Can Repair or Take Care Of Before The Home Inspection:

The following list consists of the most common thinks found during a home inspection. Most home owners can fix these items without additional help. For more complicated items, be sure to hire a licensed contractor or technician to finish getting your home ready for inspection.

1. HVAC system - have it cleaned and serviced. Make sure it has a clean filter.
2. Clean heating and cooling registers and vacuum inside if needed.
3. Make sure your windows open, close and lock.
4. Check for leaks in faucets and under sinks.
5. Make sure toilets flush properly and do not wobble.
6. Make sure all light fixtures and light bulbs are working.
7. Ensure that sinks, tubs and showers drain quickly.
8. Clean gutters.
9. Ensure downspouts extend away from the foundation.
10. Replace cracked or broken window panes.
11. Caulk around tubs and showers.
12. Clean faucet screens/filters.
13. Ensure doors open, close and lock smoothly.
14. Run all appliances if the house has been sitting vacant.
15. Inspect the roof and make repairs as needed.
16. Test electrical receptacles for the correct polarity.
17. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
18. Add smoke detectors in all bedrooms.
19. Provide receipts and warranties for recent repairs.
20. Trim trees and shrubs that touch or hang over the house.

To make the inspection process as smooth and efficient as possible, please do the following:

1. Have the electricity, gas and water on.
2. Have large pets, or ones that are prone to escape, restrained.
3. Have any items that are leaning against the exterior of the house removed.
4. Have blinds or curtains open so we can check the operation of the windows.
5. Have any gates unlocked.
6. Have the crawlspace door unlocked or open. We will close it after the inspection.
7. Feel free to follow the inspector(s)! We love teaching our clients about the home they are buying or selling, and we're here to answer your questions.
8. Have the garage door(s) unlocked.
9. Make sure the space in front of the water heater and electrical panel are unobstructed.
10. Make sure the area below the attic access hatch is clear since we will be placing a ladder there.
11. Please have as many electrical outlets as possible unobstructed so we can check them.
12. If the house has a whole-house generator with a locked lid, please leave it unlocked for the day.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!