A lot goes into inspecting a home and property: it’s technical and intuitive. To do a thorough job it's important to think creatively and logically while making sure to view things from different angles, literally. Essentially, a home inspector is a mix of detective and storyteller.

Lucid Home Inspections takes the time to do a full inspection, going over every inch of a home. We use a variety of tools, including FLIR® thermographic imaging, and a good amount of experience. It is our job to fully evaluate the property and find areas of concern or problems. We focus on areas that can lead to health, safety, and fire hazards. Our typical inspection for the average home is $350. However, the price can vary based on home size and the number of systems. Give us a call at 513-550-3641 for a price quote.

Our inspections adhere to the ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics (Standards of Practice) and will cover the following key areas:

Property Exterior - Asphalt surfaces, concrete and brick surfaces, retaining walls, lot grading and drainage, electrical outlets, exterior faucets, presence of things like a lawn sprinkler system but wont test it, exterior siding, trim and flashings, doors, windows, decks, patios, balconies, steps and staircases.

The Roof - How inspected, materials used, flashings, gutters, downspouts.

Attic - Access and location, insulation, ventilation, electrical, vents and ducting, presence of vermin.

Garage - Type, floor material, overhead doors and hardware, openers, fire door and service door, windows, walls, firewalls, electrical, stairs to attic if there is one, additional components like heaters.

Chimneys, Flues, Vents - Materials used, visible condition, flue, rain caps.

Structure - Foundation type, foundation walls, exterior framing, roof framing, roof sheathing, floors, columns, beams, storm drainage.

Basement - Stairs, floors, walls, and if necessary the finished product the same as the rest of the interior.

Plumbing - Water supply system, sewer, gas meter and piping, water lines, drain waste and vent pipes, storm water pumps, ejector pumps, plumbing components.

Water Heater - Location, type, supply, condition, age.

Electrical - Amperage and voltage, grounding, panel components, wiring, fusing, risk.

Heating - Type, energy source, general conditions, functioning, filters, distribution, ducting, humidifier.

AC Units - Type, energy source, condition, drainage, testing if conditions allow it.

Kitchen - Appliances, electrical, counter tops, faucets, disposal.

Bathrooms - Sinks, faucets, tubs, showers, toilets, condition, drains and water supply.

Interior - in addition to everything already mentioned, visual inspection of walls for cracks, or repairs needed, electrical outlets.

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